Aluminium doors

Aluminium Doors – Give your home ‘The Wow Factor’
As one of South Africa’s leading providers of Aluminium stacking/ folding doors, Design Doors has extensive knowledge of the requirements needed to provide the ‘Wow Factor’ within your home.

Many of our products are installed to the rear of a house, including sliding, patio and stacking /folding doors, that let you easily view the garden, and help to bring the outside into the lounge area.

However, we also manufacture and install Aluminium front doors that can be contemporary or traditional, depending on the current exterior features of your home.

Aluminium doors are great as they are durable and offer supplementary security to the home. Because of this, we are able to make doors with a larger amount of glass content than many other suppliers. This is because the aluminium is strong enough to withstand the outside elements.

As a result, your front door can be transformed into a design that allows maximum light to travel down your hallway, with additional side panels and top lights an added option.

We can create front doors to an array of different styles and colours, which makes it simple to fit in with the current windows and doors, whilst also allowing it to become a focal point of the house.

Aluminium front doors are also perfect because they do not expand as PVCu equivalents do. This means that over a period of time, you will have no problems with movement or alignment and getting through the front door will be as easy as it was the very first time.

We also offer all front doors with a comprehensive safety and security package that includes multiple locks, top bolts and any other specific individual requirements.

Aluminium windows

Design Doors’ range of aluminium windows can bring a touch of class to any residential or commercial property. Designed and manufactured to the same high standards as our folding and sliding doors, our range of aluminium windows strike that perfect balance between aesthetic beauty and reliability.

Benefits Of Our Aluminium Windows

Our aluminium windows offer all the benefits that a quality window system should offer, including superb insulation, minimal maintenance and outstanding security.

Aluminium Stacking Doors

Folding doors or stacking doors are best defined as a multi-folding door that creates a 90% clear opening, giving you complete open access to your garden outside. Typically Bi-folding doors open in a concertina style and neatly fold flat when open, either on the exterior or interior. It is this style of functionality that leads some people to refer to them as concertina doors.


Benefits Of Our folding Doors.
The Aluminium materials we use are strong, light weight and versatile, making them ideal for use on bi-folding doors. The Aluminium is also extremely durable, which is why we are able to offer a 10-year guarantee with all our folding door

Trellis doors and burglar bars

Design trellis retractable gates are manufactured to meet the unique security requirement of the customer and the insurance standards. The gates are constructed from high quality steel, providing a strong physical deterrent.
The design of the retractable gate system is aesthetically pleasing, whilst a 15% stacking width achieves almost total invisibility when open. All systems are easy to operate and virtually maintenance free. Our grilles are all made to order and ideal for both domestic and commercial sites.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Design Doors manufacture a beautiful range of aluminium sliding doors, that offer customers the perfect alternative to folding, patio, or French doors.

What makes a sliding door different, and to some more attractive, than a folding door, is its ability to completely open up a room or property. A single sliding door can be constructed to a width and height of 2.7m which provides you with fantastic interrupted views of the scene beyond.

Benefits Of Our Sliding Doors

Customers who have had aluminium sliding doors installed in their home have commented that it feels like they have a “sliding glass wall” rather than a door, again reinforcing the sense of closeness to the environment outside. Due to having fewer vertical panels, a sliding door also delivers more light into the building.


 3 Main Advantages of Aluminum Garage Doors

Probably the biggest advantage of aluminium is its lightweight. Due to this weight-saving, it makes it far easier to install aluminium garage doors wherever you are in South Africa. Also because there is less weight and less strain on the roller and tracks, the lifespan of the entire system and garage is extended. In addition, with the chances of the system failing greatly reduced, aluminium garage doors are far safer and more reliable.

Aluminum is an element naturally resistant to rust and any corrosion. As a metal, steel must have inclusions that provide this protection, but aluminum forms a layer that keeps out oxidation. Of course, this layer won’t last forever, but improves the longevity of the garage door if you live around salt and moisture.

Given it’s softer than steel, aluminium is easy to design and emboss, providing extra aesthetics for your home. This feature also allows aluminium to be recycled, boosting its environmentally friendly attributes.

aluminium Garage doors

What are the advantages of Aluminium Garage Doors?


Aluminum is the perfect material for garage doors for a huge number of reasons.

As a garage door material, Aluminium is both strong and durable, and is far lighter than wood and other metals. While these properties have both their good and bad sides, you’ll see why this metal is so popular. Here are the major reasons why you should choose aluminium garage doors for your home.

Aluminum Garage Door Installation

Given their weight and availability, aluminium garage doors are easy to install and more cost effective than other metals. Not only that, but they are durable and resist corrosion. This means our garages are ideal for any home throughout the South Africa For. more information on our garage doors, why not get in touch with  Design Doors today for a quotation.




Patio enclosures

Patio enclosure by design doors

Front Doors

It’s time to make an entrance with Design Doors. We supply a beautiful range of contemporary and traditional aluminium front doors. Whether you are buying our doors as an individual item or as part of a package, our Aluminium doors will compliment any home.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary front door design, we can supply and install a diverse range of styles, colors, glass designs, and insulation levels to suit your home.

We can also design and manufacture made-to-measure side panels, fanlights, and sidelights to help create the ‘wow factor’ to the entrance to your home.

Benefits of Aluminium over PVC doors

Due to the strength of aluminium, Clear View is able to manufacture front doors with larger glass areas than the more traditional PVC doors, which allows maximum light into the hallway, without compromising on security.

Service and Repairs - Our guarantee

7 Year Guarantee on all Door & Window Products
Such is our confidence in the quality of our folding door, sliding door, patio door and window products, Clear View provide an 7 year parts and labour guarantee. Therefore, if you were to encounter any problems with your door or window products, under most circumstances, we will immediately rectify the issue free of charge.


Manufactured in house, guaranteeing the highest quality standards
Design Doors is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium bi-folding doors, sliding doors, windows in South Africa .

Every bi-folding, sliding door and patio door we manufacture is made from the highest quality thermally broken Aluminium, which offers the best in strength, versatility and aesthetics. These qualities help ensure that your folding doors continue to provide effortless operation, reliability and complete security for years to come.

Aluminium expands and contracts far less than other materials such as PVCu, making it a preferred choice. All of our aluminium products surpass all current building regulations, which makes them future-proof.

Because Aluminium is so strong, we can also use slender frame profiles which in turn maximises the glazed area of your folding door, sliding door or window. There are also several powder-coated colour options available to ensure you achieve that perfect match.

Presently, work is undertaken in our 350 square meters workshop facilities, using the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and 10 years of Aluminium Industry Experience.

A high-tech CAD drawing is also available onsite to ensure the measurements attained from your enquiries can be dealt with swiftly, allowing Design and Manufacture to take place promptly.

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